After the successful design and consultancy for the RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort development, Bseen was awarded the contract to build the communications network and deliver an end to end ICT solution for the resort redevelopment.

The project scope included:

  • Interface with existing parts of the property to the new development
  • TV and Data to the new Villas
  • TV and Data to the Caravan Park Power heads
  • TV and Data to all of the new Staff Dongas, Houses and Kitchen buildings
  • TV and Data to all new Rec Rooms, Kitchens, Ablution Blocks
  • Managed and negotiated the relocation of Telstra’s assets
  • Managed the installation of new internet service for the property and guest wifi
  • Installation of CCTV solution
  • Comms to the Pump Stations, fire pumps and other essential services for linking to SCADA
  • New Wifi solution over the whole property, ability for RAC to control the Wifi including setting the price for guest wifi, guest wifi data limits. 100% of revenue to go to RAC (not a 3rd party as was the case prior to the development)
  • Manage the timing of relocation of comms to interface with the bulldozing of existing comms room, business requirement was for the property to continue operate with no outage
  • Installation of new TV headend in the new comms room, replacement of existing TV headend
  • Installation of entry & exit Boomgates
  • Installation of new Phone solution including room phones to the existing part of the property and new buildings
  • Interface the Boomgates and Phone Solution with the Property Management System
  • Installation of Rec Room Audio & Visual solution for music and movie nights

Additional to the scope we also provided regular site aerial surveys. These site surveys became very important tool to the development team and consultants which have assisted the team greatly during and post the construction.

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