Prior to RAC purchasing the iconic Karri Valley Resort (in the South West of Western Australia). Bseen was engaged to be part of the Due Diligence team to prepare not only a standard DD report but to also prepare a project budget for a refresh and redevelopment of the resort.

There were many intricacies with this property including no mobile connectivity, the only communications available at the property was copper for voice services and Satellite for Internet. There was no publicly available information of any mobile tower that was to be built anywhere near the resort. As part of our services to RAC, we directly engaged with Telstra management as a Client Rep and were instrumental in obtaining information regarding a mobile tower that was planned to be built within 18 months close to the resort. The planning stage for the tower had not even started.

After RAC acquired the resort, they worked with Telstra on the final location of the tower so that maximised the benefits to the resort and broader community.

Bseen was also able to find significant savings in the OPEX of the running of the property’s ICT.

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