Checking into to a property or making a booking used to mean lining up in a queue while the reception staff checked people in, fielded booking question, answered the incoming phone calls, and being the local travel agent.

Personally I have spent over 30 minutes in a queue just to check in to a property. The property manager and reception staff were grumpy as they obviously had a very busy day. In a lot of instances the property manager’s day started well before the office officially opened and doesn’t end until very late at night and that is if they don’t get a call out.

By utilising self service or staff assisted kiosk solutions, this can free up the managers and staffs to deliver time to deliver real customer service, be that local travel agent with smile, answer those phone calls with out having to put the potential customer on hold or call them back once the office has been emptied of customers.

Allow for after hours check-in or bookings without having to contact the customer to give them the after hours non-secure safe code.

Manage the Self Check-in and Key Delivery kiosk remotely for the customer who is having problems.

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