The Resort’s existing phone system uses an ISDN service which is going to be turn off in the near future (as are all ISDN service in Australia), so they needed to do something about their phone solution.

Bseen were engaged to replace the system, the only problem is it is during COVID-19 lockdown.

As part of the solution, we were to do a site visit to install phone solution and review the existing WI-FI infrastructure to build a business case to fix or replace it.

With the WA hard board looking like staying for the foreseeable future, this site visit is not going to happen any time soon so we have had to stage the project.

To fast track the phone system replacement, we spun up a PBX solution in the cloud, pre-configured the PBX and all the desk phones so they were plug and play, and dispatched the phones to site.

This morning was the cut over from the old PBX to the new solution. For a business that relies on the phones for a significant portion of their bookings and revenue, it is important to get it right.

Not only does this fix the properties issue of replacing the costly ISDN services, but it also provides many features that they never have had.

These features include reporting of the incoming reception line. Reports such as Answered v Missed Calls, Average Hold Time of Answered and Dropped Calls.

It is these type of datasets that can assist management with implementing measures to improve customer service.

For an accommodation provider, the phone call can often be the first touchpoint with a potential customer, one of the most important touchpoints of the customer journey.

We are now waiting for the hard boarders to be relaxed so that we can review and plan the WIFI upgrades.

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