Lookout Telstra, there is a new wholesale kid on the block called NBN and he is chasing Aussie businesses.

Until recently the availability of high bandwidth internet connectivity was limited especially to regional users.

Unless the location was CBD based, a majority of the time the only option was a Telstra fibre service.

There has been so much debate in Australia about whether NBN has been a waste of tax payers money, did they get bang for their buck, why so many delays, why is it a mixed technology which has now created a new segregation of properties with substandard Fixed Wireless & Skymuster in neighbouring suburbs to those that have FTTC or FTTN or FTTP.

Well things have got exciting for regional businesses requiring high bandwidth 1:1 contention ratio links which used to be only accessible to those city folk.

We recently put a NBN Enterprise Ethernet Service up against other providers for a Holiday Park in a regional town. The pricing came in at roughly half that of the other providers who were going to also charge for the fibre build.

The NBN solution is scaleable from 10/10Mbps to 1/1Gbps and a majority of the time NBN will install the Fibre from the closest NBN Fibre Access Node to the customer premise for $0.

So not only were we able to deliver for our client a scaleable 100/100Mbps service with a 1:1 contention ratio service at a very good price, but we also performed a whole of Telco review for the customer and were able to make significant savings to help offset the increased cost for the internet.

If your school or business would like a review of the Telco options available please reach out to us.

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