The image below is an example guest information sheet I would recommend all properties should have (obviously change around the stats to suit your property) and make funky stickers out of the stats.

In a digital age where the customer feels that Internet access is as important as running water and electricity, it baffles me as to why tourism operators aren’t educating their customer about the reasons why they cant provide free unlimited internet to their guests.

Instead, many operators are waiting for negative customer reviews about poor WIFI or lack of free internet or only small amounts of free data. Why wouldn’t operators get on the front foot and educate their customers.

I have been working with a client who has made the investment in making sure the customer can access the WIFI network throughout the whole property. They pay a significant amount of money for a decent internet service delivered by Telstra Fibre. This is a fixed cost to the organisation, they pay $x per month no matter if the property is full to the brim or completely empty.

In the example of the client I have been working with, they have at any one time during peak season over 1000 devices connected to the guest wifi network. The guests has access to 500mb of free data a day on each device which means my client is giving away around 500gb data per day. Thankfully they have the internet service and network to support such figures

If you are giving away GB of data away every day, if you have poor internet (which lets face it most holiday parks and resorts will be operating on a heavily contended ADLS or NBN service). Tell the customer the stats, and maybe once they know the stats they will remember it when it is their turn to tell the world about your property.

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