Managed the migration of the businesses data to dropbox, this included migrating many Terra-bytes of data. Setting up of the new Teams and Permission structure to meet the new organisational structure.

By moving from on premise storage to cloud storage enables business productivity improvements and doesn’t tie the business down to a premise or piece of hardware or a specific data centre.

The move to cloud storage more importantly empowers the employees, no longer do they need to approach the IT department to perform restores for accidentally deleted files or file version restores, at a click of a button they can do it themselves. In a age where the barriers of business are far more distant then the wall of an office, employees can now very quickly share files or folders with business partners, consultants, contractors etc.

Everything is logged, every share, every new file, every login, every deletion is logged. In the event that an employee goes rouge and does something they shouldn’t, the business has the records to hold that employee accountable.

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